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Our award winning tools have been specifically designed to save you time and money in finding your eligibility and completing your R&D Application to receive R&D tax refunds for your smart business ideas.

Accountants, Consultants and Other Third Party Users

Want to help your clients maximise R&D claims? Click Here for Tools, Training and Templates.

R&D Templates for Small Businesses

Want to use the tools that the experts use? Our R&D Templates are small business compliance documents for claims for the R&D Tax Incentive.

Use An R&D Tax Consultant 

Using an R&D Tax Consultant can be a great source of experience and confidence.  You can completely outsource your R&D claim or you can get an R&D Tax Consultant to review parts that you have completed yourself.  Please email Caroline Hughes at [email protected] for more information.


What are R&D Tax Breaks?

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Claiming R&D sounds too hard?

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How do I get Started?

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