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Accountants and small businesses are rejoicing now that one part of their annual taskload has been made significantly easier.

R&D SmartTax’s award-winning R&D Application Wizard is a new software tool that eliminates months of work in the annual R&D tax claim process. For small businesses undertaking smart activities in a tax loss position, the 2010 R&D tax claim can lead to a cash cheque from the ATO for up to $750,000. 

Previously companies had to either read volumes of tax legislation or engage expensive consultants at up to $1000/hour just to find out if they were eligible and to complete the official R&D Application form. This meant multiple meetings, phone calls, emails and time away from valuable business work over many months.

But now the R&D Application Wizard can do all of that in just one simple online step!  Users simply log on and immediately step through the easy questions in just a few minutes. When ready, users then elect to receive their R&D Application form by email for review and lodgement with AusIndustry.

R&D SmartTax’s online tools, the R&D Application Wizard and R&D Eligibility Wizard recently won the 2010 SMART100 award for Australian innovation run by Anthill Magazine for being the “innnovations that help other innovators”.

Feedback from accountants for the R&D Application Wizard has also been extremely positive, highlighting the critical role that they play in helping small businesses access their rightful entitlements at tax time. In addition to the R&D Application Wizard Micro and Entrepreneur versions for companies, there are R&D Application Wizard licence packs especially for accountants to use for their clients, helping them to:

  • Get certainty about R&D tax rules,
  • Save time reading R&D tax legislation, rulings and case law, 
  • Complete R&D Applications in hours not weeks, 
  • Get fast, easy identification of eligible R&D projects,
  • Generate real value with vital R&D tax cheques, and
  • Save thousands on consulting fees and business down-time filling out forms

The R&D Application Wizard is ready now for all R&D tax claims to be made for the 2010 financial year. This is for R&D activities undertaken between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010.  R&D Applications must be lodged with AusIndustry by 30 April 2011.

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R&D SmartTax tools were born out of a desire to help the many smart small Australian companies access the R&D Tax Break benefits without the need for hours spent reading tax literature or expensive consultant fees. The R&D Eligibility Wizard is designed to be low cost, easy to use and available for all Australian industries.


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