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I bet you didn’t think you could produce an investor grade business plan in just one day? Neither did we until we happily discovered Business Planning HQ, an Australian owned business that is storming the world with its unique, smart yet simple process towards producing business plan documents and securing investor funding for smart companies.

In the month of September alone its clients secured over $1.3 million USD and the success stories just keep growing.

Business Planning HQ was developed to provide an alternative to the two traditional ways of creating a business plan; using a consultant, or buying software/ a template. 

  • Consulting approaches do not always meet financial constraints of cash strapped ventures, and the results can be highly unpredictable.  Additionally this approach still takes a surprising amount of time from the business founder.
  • Software and templates have generally not been developed by those that have actually raised capital.  They are often owned and developed by software companies as just another market to sell their software.  Templates are highly variable in quality and do not ask the tough questions that investors will.

The HyperQuestion Approach is different.  The starting point was interviewing investors about what they need to know about a business to make an investment.  These investor questions were then turned into a series of questions that a business founder could easily answer.

R&D SmartTax was so impressed by Business Planning HQ that it has formed an exciting new alliance partnership. R&D SmartTax’s approach has always been to make access to funding easier and more affordable and Business Planning HQ definitely achieves this goal. Alongside the Government’s New R&D Tax Incentive, investor funding is a vital way for small, smart companies to continue to invest in innovation and technology advancement, thus helping keep Australian businesses competitive on the world stage.

To find out more about Business Planning HQ and get your Business Plans done today Click Here.

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