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R&D SmartTax is proud to offer its award winning White Label R&D Eligibility Wizard tool for the R&D Tax Incentive Program.

The White Label R&D Eligibility Wizard takes the powerful self assessment tool for the R&D Tax Incentive out to the Australian public by letting organisations place the web-based tool on their own internet or intranet websites.  For a new R&D tax program like the R&D Tax Incentive this will help users deal with the uncertainty of the new rules while giving the owner of the website a means of capturing valuable visitor data.

The White Label feature of the tool allows website owners to brand the tool as their own using their own logo, web colour, font and contact details. Website owners are also given a secure weblink allowing them to view user results in real-time. For accounting firms the user data can be converted into new revenue through an R&D tax claim or potentially other tax or accounting work. Similarly R&D firms can also use the tool as a means to capture new R&D projects in an easy, accessible format which can be useful for regionally diverse users operating at low bandwidth.

Setting up the White Label R&D Eligibility Wizard is very simple. Website owners provide the branding details in a form found on our website and within 48 hours the html code is emailed for the web developer to insert in the site. To date web developers have stated around 15-30 minutes is all that is required to insert the wizard into the website.

A 12 month licence of the White Label R&D Eligibility Wizard starts at only $695 plus GST. With the R&D Tax Incentive for SMEs providing a return of 45% on expenditure we are confident this represents terrific value for users.

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R&D SmartTax tools were born out of a desire to help the many smart small Australian companies access the R&D Tax Break benefits without the need for hours spent reading tax literature or expensive consultant fees. The R&D Eligibility Wizard is designed to be low cost, easy to use and available for all Australian industries.


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